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Planning an outdoor event can be an exciting endeavor, but one of the crucial decisions you’ll need to make is selecting the right marquee size. The size of your marquee will directly impact the comfort and functionality of your event, so it’s essential to choose wisely. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the factors to consider when determining what marquee size you need.

1. Guest Count Matters

The first and most crucial factor in determining marquee size is the number of guests you expect to attend your event. A smaller gathering may only require a cozy 4x4m marquee, while a large wedding or corporate event could necessitate a 12x18m marquee or even larger.

2. Consider Event Layout

When you’re planning your event, it’s crucial to give thought to how you’d like to arrange various elements within the marquee. This includes deciding on the placement of seating, dining areas, dance floors, and any additional features you might want to incorporate, such as stages for performances or bars for refreshments.

Visualizing the layout of your event space is a fundamental step in ensuring everything flows smoothly and that your guests have an enjoyable experience.

Here are a few key points to consider:

  • Seating Arrangement: Determine whether you want a traditional seating arrangement with tables and chairs or a more informal setup with lounge seating. Consider the number of guests per table and the spacing between tables for easy movement.
  • Dining Area: If your event involves a meal, plan for a designated dining area. Think about the buffet or serving stations and their placement for convenient access.
  • Dance Floor: For events with dancing, make sure to allocate space for a dance floor. The size of the dance floor should accommodate the number of dancers you expect.
  • Special Features: If you have specific activities or entertainment planned, like a stage for a band or presentations, factor in the space required for these features.
  • Bars and Refreshments: Decide where you’d like to set up bars or refreshment stations. These should be easily accessible to guests while not obstructing traffic flow.

One effective way to visualize your event layout is by sketching out a floor plan. This doesn’t need to be a detailed architectural drawing, but a simple diagram that helps you see how everything fits together. It can also be a helpful reference when communicating your vision to event planners or marquee providers.

By carefully considering the event layout, you can create a welcoming and functional space that caters to the needs and enjoyment of your guests, ensuring a memorable and successful event.

3. Account for Space for Activities

If your event includes activities like dancing, presentations, or a band, ensure there’s enough space for these activities without making the marquee feel cramped. If your event includes kids’ activities like games, such as giant Jenga or 4 Connect (4 in a row), it’s crucial to allocate a separate area for these activities. This ensures that children have a designated space to play and have fun without interfering with the main event.

4. Factor in Weather Conditions

Consider the possibility of unfavourable weather conditions. If you’re hosting an event during the rainy season or in a hot climate, you may need additional space for guests to seek shelter or stay cool.

5. Allow for Extra Space

When selecting the size of your marquee, it’s wise to err on the side of caution and choose a slightly larger tent than the bare minimum requirements dictate. Here are a few reasons why:

Guest Comfort: Providing extra space ensures that your guests have ample room to move comfortably within the marquee. Nobody enjoys feeling cramped and squeezed together, especially during social events. A bit of extra space can make a significant difference in guest comfort.

Flexibility: A larger marquee offers flexibility for unforeseen circumstances or last-minute adjustments. If your guest count increases unexpectedly or you decide to add additional elements to your event, such as more seating or entertainment options, having that extra space can accommodate these changes seamlessly.

Weather Contingency: Weather conditions can be unpredictable, and having additional space can be a lifesaver in case of rain or unexpected weather fluctuations. It allows you to provide shelter for your guests without them feeling crowded.

In summary, opting for a slightly larger marquee not only enhances guest comfort but also provides flexibility and peace of mind. It’s a small investment that can make a big difference in the overall success and enjoyment of your event. So, when in doubt, consider going a bit larger to ensure a more pleasant and accommodating experience for everyone.

6. Measure your garden

If you’re organizing a garden party, the first step is to measure your garden. Keep in mind that if you’re renting a marquee for your event, you’ll need some extra space to set it up comfortably. If your garden is 4×8 meters, it won’t be possible to put up a tent of that size. You’ll need at least an extra 0.5-1 meter on each side.

Here is a table with an example of the number of people that can fit in each tent. It does not take into account extras such as a dance floor, bar, eating area etc. Seating is based on a 6ft. rectangular table and a 5 ft. round table.

If you want your guests to feel comfortable, and if your budget and garden space allow, it’s always better to opt for a slightly larger tent 🙂

Marquee/Gazebo Size Capacity Standing Capacity Seated
3x3m 10-12 6-10
3x4x.5m 10-18 6-12
3x6m 15-30 12-20
4x4m 25-32 20-24
4x6m 30-40 34-36
4x8m 50-60 up to 48
6x6m 55-70 up to 48
6x12m 50-120 60-108

Selecting the right marquee size is a critical step in ensuring the success of your outdoor event. By considering factors like guest count, event layout, activities, weather conditions, and consulting with professionals, you can make an informed decision that will create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for your attendees.

Remember that the right marquee size can enhance the overall experience of your event, so take the time to choose wisely and plan accordingly. With the right marquee, your outdoor event will be a memorable and enjoyable occasion for all.